The Sewing Machine Project

Hilary MashasTools Stories, United States

CWS Jersey City office has partnered with Margaret Jankowski and the Sewing Machine project, a partner nonprofit organization, to distribute sewing machines to promote economic self-sufficiency among our clients. Clients from Ukraine, Cuba, Afghanistan, Colombia, Honduras and beyond have benefited from these machines. The machines were purchased with the help of a donor and clients have already used them to create adorable items.

Mona Haidary, one of our clients, is utilizing her existing skill set with the sewing machine which is a great way to use her skills to generate an income. “I plan to use this sewing machine to make clothes for myself and my family as well as work as a seamstress. This is a great way to use my existing skill set to earn a sustainable income,” she said.

CWS Jersey City is happy with the sewing machines and that our clients like Mona Haidary are able to use them to utilize their skills and earn a sustainable income. We plan to continue our efforts in the future, by doing more in the current year. “We now have a long waiting list of clients who still want machines, we will be serving five thousand clients in 2023, and we are always happy to accept more machines in the future,” said Nora Salitan, the director of development at the CWS Jersey City office.